Sunday, March 25, 2007

So that the Subways Could be That Much Louder

Well Shalo-o-om. Got that from this terribly banal episode of American Dad, the latest in the ill-fated post-Simpsons-slot string that's been deadening humor receptors since "The Critic" went off the air.
Just one thought for today; a question, really: why hasn't anybody figured out how to get phone reception in underground subways? The financial windfall would be astronomical, and phones are entirely commonplace these days, such that there would hardly be a single soul who wouldn't benefit. Yes, etiquette and serenity would wither, but phone conversations wouldn't be any more pestilential than sickly music or soapbox preaching--both of which could be circumnavigated by a real or staged phone call.
So let's get the boys from Deutsch Telecom to wire the subway tunnels, and staying in touch will be that much easier. And obnoxious.

Stay cellular, San Diego
MC Motorola

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