Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mount Mariah

Quick: what are Mariah Carey’s greatest assets? If you said anything other than humor and wit, you’d be wrong. Well…debatably wrong. But wrong nonetheless.

With the release of her video for “Touch My Body,” Carey artfully wedges into the Superbad/Napolean Dynamite geitzeist, trading love strokes with “CompuNerd” Jack McBrayer (of 30 Rock fame). While Mariah performs the requisite video seduction—lolling in lingerie, showing a zip-code’s worth of cleavage, etc—she and a smitten McBrayer battle in Guitar Hero, play laser tag, and jump on the bed while McBrayer sports a bow tie and red “love rocks” wife beater.

Carey sells the role entirely, never breaking the steamy motif. McBrayer, meanwhile, is all geek. In other words, replacing Carey with Will Ferrell would yield a comedy smash, while keeping Carey and replacing McBrayer with a male model would result in a fetus.

With the public sure to be split between two defensible reactions—“What?” and “That’s funny”—let this entry cast a ballot for the latter. With Carey inexplicably reclaiming the diva mantle (if not the vocal throne) and McBrayer remaining calm enough to act while mere inches from Carey’s Special Places, the success of “Touch My Body” is undebatable. Well…debatably undebatable. But undebatable nonetheless.

Stay Technosavvy, Mariah
MC McBrayer

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Danny said...

well you still have to remember that even though McBrayer was the quintessential nerd, you also need to remember that at the end of the video, Mariah goes off using internet speed jargon proving that she's a hottie at the ripe old age of 38, and that she knows her stuff about the internet. But this video shows how nerdiness is now a growing trend in American society. Everyone has a crazy phone in which they can destroy 3/4 of the world with, and everyone, irregardless of age, wants to have either a Wii, PS3, or XBox360 to play guitar hero, halo and all of these other videogames which would just be seen as extremely nerdy years ago, and not have been cool at all. American society has now embraced the 'cool nerd' and this video shows that hotties can also be techies and nerds