Thursday, May 3, 2007

We Major

I declared my major (political science) and minor (urban studies) today. In doing so, I figured out that I have about 7 years until graduation, which is fine, since it provides endless opportunities to sit on a bench in Flushing, Queens and blog about school.

The process for declaring a major/minor is very peculiar: first, one has to list all the courses one has taken and plans to take within the department. The problem, though, is that it’s impossible to know at which point in the future some of your required courses will be offered, so one is left with conjecture and fraud in lieu of substantive information. For my minor, for example, I indicated that I’d take the three remaining classes in September, although I happen to know that Queen College will not offer any of them until at least a year from now.

It’s not that I lied, it’s just that there’s no way to know when these courses will be given, so I might as well manifest a hopeful reality and predict that I’ll be done with them in the shortest possible amount of time.

And now, a few thoughts that are throwing themselves around my head:

-nothing is anything
-we’re all unkind to ourselves
-anything that’s true is true on every level
-reality is exactly what we say it is
-the power people have over us is just us giving those people power
-happiness is relative
-intoxication is just a different type of sobriety
-age is a largely meaningless construct
-age is everything
-sports, in and of themselves, are meaningless, but what they represent is infinitely powerful
-intellectuality is as much a coping mechanism as it is a genuine tool
-we don’t make enough eye contact
-random thoughts are never random

Stay Sequenced, thought processes
DJ Delusion


Anonymous said...

happiness is in the expectation of happiness, not usually the "happiness" itself.. which is kinda sad.

or else it's the in the unexpected.. ahh the wonders of spontaneity :)

DJ Blogger said...

happiness does not exist. i was only pulling your leg. even now, as i expect certain things, i remain sad. thank you for lying to me, sylvia.

-Professor JR