Friday, February 23, 2007

And Don't Say Hershey, Pennsylvania

I can't stop talking about this, so I'm opening it up to the proverbial floor, where maybe the constellations of readers who frequent this space will put my weary imagination to a benign, alcoholic rest.

The question is simple: if you could go anywhere, real or imaginary, for any amount of time, where would you go? Unacceptable (albeit legitimate) answers include:


-your mom's house

-your sister's house

-your girlfriend's house

-the promised land

-anywhere but here

-right here is perfect


-some place where the cops aren't always on my ass


-jessica alba

You see, the answers I'm looking for are more esoteric and profound. I thought of a few possibilities: hooters, a Hendrix concert, ace of base's album release party, etc; all the normal places that a well-adjusted American citizen with pools of cultural knowledge might care to visit.

Let me know what your picks are. I'll take the person with the best answer to pleasuretown. Maybe we'll even see a psychedelic rainbow...

Stay loose, pamela lee
MC hasslehoff

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