Friday, February 23, 2007

Sadya Sadya, I Miss You Something Terrible, Terrible

as i type, i am missing sadya bendelstein's wedding, and i am very forlorn about it. like the oaks that dot the appalachian trail, sadya's lore is both daunting and plentiful, and i don't really know if he went to law school. but if he did, and if, indeed, he works at a midtown law firm, and if, indeed, he is working towards his doctorate, and if, indeed, he never killed a man, and if, indeed, i believe whichever of these claims i feel has the greatest chance of validity, then i owe him a great apology. which i will never provide.
my focus, though, is not on past wrongs, but on sadya's nuptials, which were consecrated formally just a couple hundred minutes ago, and which are being celebrated with open bar, song, and dance right now, august 21, 2006, at the marina del ray pavilion in the bronx. and tomorrow morning, when sadya emerges from 'neath the canvas of celebration and fervor, i hope he knows that i am truy sorry for not being there. i am confident, though, that my heretofore unchinked open-bar-attendance armor will be enough for him to ascertain with conviction that i wanted to be there, and that i got drunk by myself in my room to achieve symmetry.

stay congratulatory affairs,
MC Mohican Fun

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