Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm only deviant if you are...and you I am

Deviance is...deviance is....the definition begs pauses much like "littering and....littering and" from Super Troopers, with a few distinct variations:

1. That opening scene from Super Troopers had nothing to do, even potentially, with misplaced body fluids.
2. Incontrovertibly, deviance has to do with something that defies a norm--be it societal, moral, epistemological, or metaphysical. In Super Troopers, the two counts were eventually revealed to be littering and smoking the reefer--neither of which is deviant in any of the above-mentioned realms.
3. What's deviant and what's discussed in Super Troopers have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and it's absurd that I just spent a number of sentences exploring that possibility.

Now, there is expository work on deviance that most people ignore, the type of hard-line policy initiation that delineates where, and when, deviance is actually unacceptable. Most would concur that pedophilia is deviant, and, similarly, all would concur that two consenting adults making relations is not deviant. But what about something hazier, like two consenting 11-year-olds having safe sex? Is that deviant? If yes, says who? And if not, what the hell's wrong with you?

It has come to my attention, in the midst of these aimless hypotheses, that there is an individual who has been parked outside of my house for the past 2 hours. This is not only strange because this particular individual does not live here--it's odd (and possibly even deviant) because he wears exaggeratedly tight pants, headbands in his unnecessarily curly hair, and values scarves over ice cream in the summertime. This particular character is on the phone, lost in a hazard of telephone wires, infidelity, fashion crisis, and queens. May G-D have mercy on his soul, inasmuch as he won't understand tomorrow why sitting in an idle car for two hours on a dark street is somewhere between laughable and arrestable.

However, we have tangentified (and, in the process, invented the word 'tangentified'), and the deviance all about us is no doubt reveling in its perpetuated ambiguity--we still don't know what it is, and since one cannot know something without first knowing what that something is, we might never discover deviance's unadulterated essence. However, that we have even tried may be deviant in and of itself--as I said earlier, nobody these days bothers to expolore deviance as much as they exploit/celebrate it for monetary/sexual/social/academic gain. And if we are deviant, and we know WHAT we are, then we can know ourselves. And we, my friend, are an amalgamated, anti-cohesive group of deviants.

Stay deviant, derek zoolander
MC Maladjusted

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