Friday, February 23, 2007

This is What 80 Must Feel Like

a few days ago, my very reticent, old, and painfully uncommunicative grandfather called me at 4 in the afternoon with absolutely nothing to say. he did, however, keep me on the line for more than 20 minutes, with insightfully cutting questions like, "Joe, where are you right now, at this present moment?" and, "Joe, how come you never come around anymore?"

i figure that's what 80 (or, in his case, 80-something) is: a frustrated shuffle from one mundane task to the next. for someone who's had a career, kids, and hobbies, the relative inactivity must be terrible, and 4pm phone calls to people who are still enveloped in frenetic lives are your sole means of connection to the lifestyle you once had.

on that note, my myspace statistics tell me that this is my 80th blog. i feel like an old-timer, dialing up his friends in the middle of the day on a pretty consistent basis with overly obscure and culturally irrelevant postings, just to maintain my own sanity. so thanks to everybody who reads this (i've listed you before, and i'll do it again: evy, alter, and a drunk pedophile trying to score with me) for helping me connect to something outside of my frame of reference.

so let me ask you: where are you right now, at this present moment? and how come you never come around anymore?

don't give me lip--i'm wise with age.

stay young readership,

MC i wish i had grandkids to spoil...anyone selling?

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