Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Give Me Liberty and/or Booze

personal liberation is a funny thing. not as funny as the word "waffle," but pretty damn close. is being freed from all personal responsibility--including taxes, social ties and employment--a blessing or a curse? and, more importantly, why do i give a crap?
it stands to reason that the only conclusion one could make about personal liberation is that it comes with more responsibility than does...well...responsibility. I was liberated recently, for instance, and now I am responsible to fill my void with meaningful shit, like ice cream parties, boat rides along the champs elysees, and interpersonal nuzzling. What remains to be seen is whether, in the heat of a nuzzle, i devise a way to squeeze and entire group of caucasians into a seminal funk band.

If you were a man I'd punch you right in the mouth,

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