Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Don't Know' if it's the Job, but Maybe it is

Today is Igor's penultimate day at work, and he has been pensive in his approach to his departure. Shall we presuppose that, since Igor ostensibly enjoys his job here, that he would presumably be upset by leaving? Or would that be presumptuous, and should we allow for a little more emotional flexibility?

We've questioned Igor as to his attitude, and he had some enlightening, yet question-provoking, insights in to his leaving.

"I don't know if it's the job, or if it's just the job environment," he said. "I've forged some good friendships, and the women on Madison Avenue are gorgeous."

The only fact in this scenario is that Igor is leaving to lifeguard at a pool in "his projects," where the quantity of attractive women is sure to wane from his present position. So we must assume, if we are to assert our convictions scientifically, that Igor is not upset about leaving his job. He is not upset about leaving friends, co-workers, or the air-conditiong. It is simply the women that he will miss, and, after working in the same office as him for quite some time now, I cannot say I would miss much more than that if I were to take a diverging professional avenue.

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