Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calendaric Hyperbole

May 21st means absolutely nothing. In the spirit of Cesaire, Fanon, and Senghor, I posit that the only meaningful symbol in a man's life is himself. Nothing matters, except for everything. In other words, life can be either immaterial to the nth, or completely relevant in all of its minutiaie and vicissitudes, but nowhere in between. For if man is to consider important only those things that help assemble his character, then it stands to reason that everything either matters completely or does not matter at all, based upon whether or not said thing impacts his essence.

So what does May 21st mean? It is today, but that is neither here nor there (movie reference-anyone catch it?). However, it means nothing, since tomorrow will be May 22nd and our character will be no different for it. But, since there is only one way that character advances, and that is with the passage of time, maybe the calendar means everything.

On a related note, it is very easy to bullshit. Very, very easy.

I don't know what we're yelling about

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