Friday, February 23, 2007

Sex Crimes!!

Sarena..I hope you enjoy this...

The appellation "sex crimes" is a slight misnomer. A "crime," according to, is..well..I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm sure it would have something to do with any and all acts that are anti-legislative, or does not fit within the tenets of a political-social structure, or something like that. A "sex crime" can certainly be that; that is, it can be something that cannot theoretically coexist with the maintenance of a law-abiding community.
However, there are some sex crimes that are way too imperialistically enforced, to the extent that one could extenuate what happened; for instance, an example of a overblown sexual policy is sexual harassment in the workplace. Is staring at someone's ass really a crime? It might be offensive, but it's definitely defensible, and its lasciviousness is certainly deniable. So, really, a sex crime is an inaccurate term. Maybe "sex faux pas" is a better distinction.
Either way, what remains to be determined (cue a gravelly voiceover) is the state of self-actualization in sex crimes/sex faux pas's. What also remains to be seen is how the hell to write the plural of "faux pas." I went with apostrophe-s, but I don't believe that's correct.
Self actualization is the empowered excercising of one's deepest desires. If one wants to be a filmmaker, for instance, to self-actualize for that person would be to take actual, practical steps towards that end. Self-actualization is generally regarded as crucial, and a hallmark of healthy living. So let's say that one's innermost desire is to stare at asses in the workplace all day..should one deny oneself an actualized life to be more socially-legally responsible, or is that exactly the type of suppressed bullshit that our litigious society fosters?
And, moreover, staring at someone's ass is perfectly acceptable, and even a flattering expression of admiration, withn a host American sub-cultures. Clubs, strip clubs, bars, prostitution speak-easies, and everywhere else that I spend my evenings completely subvert the sex-averse job environment in which many of us waste away. Call them hubs of degeneration and devolution, but I call these beautifully expressed pastime houses; places at which anyone could freely intone a sexual desire (assuming you have a few singles and a vasectomy). I'm like Beck: I want to defy the logic of our sex laws.
So what are we to do? Which are more real: our jobs or our strip clubs? And, seriously, where could we make the most money? And, while we're at it, what will the next porn innovation be? It started with print and periodical porn, then VHS porn completely changed the way people spend time alone in their rooms, and the interent porn completely changed the way people spend time behind stained red curtains at internet cafes. Where do we go from here? Mail-order porn stars? Free bags of MDMA when you register for bangbus? I can't believe someone's not making money off this already.

Stay staring guy with the rainbow scarf who blocks his ISP number,
MC minute molestation

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