Friday, February 23, 2007

Matrimony, tsfat, and speculating on what it all means

Staring at the passing digital minutes propped in the upper right hand corner of my laptop does not make them click off any faster, nor does it disintegrate the shrill moments that keep a head off the pillow and magnetized towards the sick, laboratorial computer fog. In truth, it's been a long time since anything was solved by staying up way too late and hoping that has something more interesting than my half-baked stream of conciousness.

But thinking about the passing hours has me thinking about my friend Binny, who is probably in his room in Teaneck thinking something much more profound than most of us: about marriage, committment, love, karma, G-D, Judaism, sex, law, religion, fate, children, companionship, and eternity. That's because, while I'm typing and replaying Anchorman lines to myself, Binny is about 16 hours from being married. His tuxedo, like mine (I'm the best man) is in the closet, hanging expectantly, and the ruminations making the rounds in his mind have him "flustered," as he told me a few hours ago.

Maybe he could take a lesson from the rabbinic Weingot family, the father and son from which are in Brooklyn now, on a week long jaunt from Tsfat to attend a wedding in Williamsburg. What they believe is what I believe; namely, that the Almighty is not the canvas that overhangs the universe, like a tarp excercising its wingspan over a baseball diamond. They believe in a much more essential, necessary G-D, He that is intertwined within everything, is integral in everything, and is, in a limited and incremental way, ipso facto everything. His immediacy is at once discernable and indiscernable; discernable because it is everything, indiscernable because, with no context for His inexistence, it is almost impossible to sense His presence. There is no foil for His excellence, no vacuous ying to His supernal Yang.

So, while Binny will likely never read this, and these demented pearls of wisdom will hide silently behind his wedding's hullaballoo, if what I said holds any weight, then He will be there, irreversibly, and His sponsorship of Binny's marriage is factual, a celestial inevitability. And if Binny ever doubts his decision, he can rest assured that, while the digital minutes materialize in their steady advance, so does His influence in all that we do, say, and create.

Stay Divine, Binny's nuptials,
MC Marriage

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