Friday, February 23, 2007

Coming up next, crusty old seamen--let's change this name sometime soon, ok??

The air conditioner is set to 60 degrees, and its getting a little frosty in my Briarwood living room, where Katz and I are watching Dog Bites Man and reveling in the satiated afterglow of pasta with tomato sauce. I have just realized that I love girls, and that one day I might get arrested for burglary. Those two revelations may or may not be related; Ill have to wait until the arraignment to find out.

Girls gone wild has gone too far. It is very uncomfortable to sit next to another male and watch the GGW promos and pretend to be cool about it. We laugh, we twittle our toes, we wipe our noses, but really, in our heart of lustful hearts, we know what the other is thinkingthat if it ever came down to it, wed stab each other in the eye for one of those videos.

One other development of interest is the huge, red Gallagher girl, who was pitching a company that is unremembered and overshadowed by her presence. I hope their ad agency realizes that it is physically impossible to remember who their company is with a a woman that large on the screen.

In other news, word has it that if Jesus were king of the Jews, Kevin Beacon would be king of the news. Leave it to Comedy Central to get down to religious brass tacks, and blow the dust off the worlds tile, leaving cleanly organized truth untarnished. If Jesus was the king of the Jewsand he wasntthen Kevin Beacon is the king of the newswhich he isnt. Its not exactly a double negative, because neither clause claims two separate negatives, but it serves the same purpose in that it lets me know that I am very, very tired, and distracted by the TVs vivid sheen.

Holy crap--Charlie Murphy is on the Chapelle's show. I love life.

Bring it in for the real thing,
MC vince vaughn

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