Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Had a Dream

Not to knock on MLK, but I had a dream of great importance last night, and it had absolutely nothing to do with skin color, and had everything to do with character content. So, this blog might be more important than the Doctor's famous Washington speech, at least in non-reflecting pool circles.

The dream opens onto a beautiful valley expanse somewhere in Spain's backcountry. It is about sunrise, and brilliant orange is shimmering off the vistas and mountaintops along the horizon. The valley below is a lush, inviting green, and all is serenly quiet.

I'm backpacking through Europe with Ken, a coworker at my law-firm who, in real life, is 38, superhip, and extremely intelligent. In the dream, though, his character is more akin to Jim Breuer in "Half Baked." He's smoking a wide joint while he's looking at the sunrise, and giggling to himself every few seconds about something that I'm not privy to.

Meanwhile, I'm tranfixed by the only house on the landscape, a sprawling, gorgeous, Spanish-architecture villa with paticos and gazebos and stucco that sweats in the nebulous sunlight. The house is releasing a heavy load of smoke from the chimneys, and it's blasting a Zeppelin tune (I forget which one, but I think it was either "When the Levee Breaks" or "No Quarter," something dark definitely). I turn to Ken and go, "Yo man, we should go over and chill at that house. They're playing Zeppelin." Ken looks back, takes a huge hit, and goes, "Fuck that, man, we have all the pot."

I wake up to realize that I am not in Spain, and that Ken's character in the dream is congruous with some deep-seated personality themes that he actually has, like his artsiness, and the marijuana career I'm sure he had. When I told him the dream this morning at the office, all he said was that he "would love to backpack through Spain," "Hey man, I'm eating an awesome sandwich right now," and "Sounds like a great dream."

A great dream, indeed. I'll see you at the Lincoln Memorial.

mets all the way, and triple berry dreamshakes for everyone,

MC crappy character

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