Wednesday, February 21, 2007

As the Dust Settles....

New things settle cosmically, often taking an unbenknownst, yet equally pre-determined amount of time to mature. The item remains the same throughout, yet one's subjective interpretation of said item must be allowed some elbow room with which to evolve into fullness.

This is the problem with modern technology: one can take a picture with a digital camera, e-mail to one's PDA, forward that via text message to an image-ready cell phone, have it faxed from the phone to an office three plane rides away, and then access the same information over and over. The data curlicues never stop calligraphying, and incessantly trace the circles of information technology.

There is not enough time within that process to allow any one technology to mature. The result is wasted innovations: minidisks, laser disks, tomagachis; in other words, lost in the newness hubbub are perfectly viable products that never blossom. If we don't slow down, the rate of attrition will exceed heterfore-seen wastefulness so fantastically that only the most essential amenities will survive the onslaught.

In other words, as advancement speeds up, a growing number of producrts will fall through the cracks, and eventually all that will be left is food, water, and soap. Nothing else will have had the time develop. It's time to start stockpiling beans and gasmasks, because, for all the glitz and cache of a sidekick, only the utilitarian things will be pragmatic 50 years from now.

This is not apocalyptic, but it is, in a sense, the prognostication of a future devoid of the type of technological wonder all of us anticipate. There will be no flying cars, or incision-less surgeries, or even drive-thru gourmet meals.

What comes from dust must return to dust, and that's what will happen only a short time from now. Essentially, I hope everybody who's fucking in the post-modern orgy is wearing a condom, because if they aren't, they'll only breed an unsustainable hypomanic future.

wow, that's some heavy shit. i need my klonopins.

stay wasteful east coast,

MC omen

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