Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Might Be Moving Up, So I Might be Moving Out

Like I've said innumerable times before, this blog is for the sole enjoyment, pedagogic advancement, and distraction of my readership. Lately, I've been receiving multiple messages and entreaties telling me to move this blog off MySpace. I'm not particularly averse to moving--MySpace takes forever to load, its blog authorship screen has very few options (even bold and italics are hard to use), and MySpace's many, many evils are well-chronicled.
However, being the amateur that I am, I would have no idea where to move: do I appropriate a page on Blogspot, create my own website, or even stay put? Convenience is always an important factor, and MySpace, despite its shortcomings, offers some degree of ease.
However, I have to believe that the vast blogosphere contains some better-suited position for these posts. Maybe there's even a site that would take all my previous work and import it with little hassle. Maybe, while perusing cyber real estate, I will come across someone who I can call my soulmate for some nominal hourly fee.
So please let me know what you think--post a comment, email, call, IM, write a letter, post a bulletin in the Queens College cafeteria, or even usurp my political science professor's larynx and have him, in your physical stead, offer a concept.

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