Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fallopian Tubes and their Australian Application

At dinner tonight, my business associate mentioned that, although the fallopian tubes may not be edible, they may indeed be australian. and that got me to thinking: if we could assign internal organs to countries, where would everything go?
here's a list, with the assistance of said business associate:

gall bladder: iran
testes: fiji
urethra: micronesia
bone marrow: yugoslavia
pituitary gland: new york city, because it's its own country BAM
liver: ireland
thyroid: that shit's going to guam
toenail interior skeleon: faulkland islands
stomach: russia, AKA united states BAM
balls (not testes): italy
large intestine: my butthole, because it's its own country BAM

Since there are no other organs, this list is both complete and accurate. I hope you've all enjoyed being educated by us, the two most prominent professors at northwestern university.

como estas beetchas,
MC today the rivers run red with burgundy's bloo

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