Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Triviality of Brain Expansion

I have noticed a steep incline in the capacity of my brain to process, produce, and create intellectual matter ever since I started college in september. While i am grateful for the shift in ability, it is with much sadness that I announce that all the material used in said expansion has been trivial at best, vacuous at the median, and soulless at worst. why is it that i've alwasy been so averse to intellectual pursuits that profess to inflate the soul as well as the cranium--like religious studies, for instance, or illuminating works of lasting philosophical value--while i've always thrived on meaningless shit, like trends in socioeconomic interchange and key developments in reproductive fluid relocation patterns? am i to assume that some higher cosmic power has stationed me in this world to be the guy who handles the hollowness so that people more deserving than i can make meaningful advances? and, if so, who the hell was handing out assignments and, on a related note, was he taking requests? and, if so, was i drunk?
these are questions that are almost pointless to ask, since the pursuit of their answers is guaranteed to be two things: piss-offish and scabby. Scabby? maybe i'm drunk right now....

here's to not knowing things that are important
MC i went out to lunch today and fell in love with the hostess who was hot as hell but way out of my league wait was she really out of my league or am i psyching myself out no she was really out of my league did you see her hair jesus christ her hair was perfect but she laughed at my joke maybe that means she wants me probably not maybe masturbation

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