Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Lord Above just spat on me

if it ever rains in the mideast terrain, please inform al roker, who is overweight and of a minority much similar to the semetics. he is hated by the kkk, projectile urinates, and does not broadcast often.
however, there are more pressing matters to address. one suich matter is proliferation of litter on the sides of our highways. according to one highway official,whom I am inventing, "I was spotted littering. Now ask yourself, Humboldt County: if you weren't so high all the time, wouldn't it be ironic that your very own law enforcement is DE-enforcing the law?!?!?!?!"
however, there are are views which fall under the purview of litter. and here to provide one is MC Tiarific, who, back from her west coast tour, hates her myspace name. Shall we call her shazzam? Delila? Let me consult my associate for further identification assistance. Ummmmm, Tiatastic is gay. Much like me. Oh shit. Joey gay. there we go. now i'll get beat up. oh, its a name? thats pretty gay.
so, without further bashing of sexual persuasions other than my own (or maybe not), i'llhand the wheel to _________, whose name remains mysterious, but whose sinews and opinions will heretofore remain most public.
Wha...........? I am suddenlt without my muse. He is outside and excited. Thats all I can relay.
The earth is rapidly being cluttered. Like a white lie that has exploded into a overwhelming mess of untruths. Like a white lie it is too scattered and chaotic to ever be taken back. I have nothing to say anymore except that God thinks its funny when people fall down despite what anyone says

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