Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anybody Got My Lace?

Yesterday was a good day for crack-cocaine. MC Tiarific and myself were in the shadiest city in the united states, philly, pa. We got there at 3 and had pizza in a store with no toppings, no bathrooms, and no mercy. Then, we went to the water and not only could not find a ticket for the river festival, but we also encounter many a folk with LSD.
The day's highlight occured outside of the famed electric factory, where all day, shady shady mcshadersons were lined up to try to buy tickets for the disco biscuits. MC tiarific and i wandered just outside the venue's parking lot, and we encountered DJ Green Eyes, an upstanding fellow who was eager to show up a good "smoking spot" that he knew. and now, without further adieu, here is MC tiarific to describe, in her own hallucinogenic way, the proceeding involving MC green eyes.
It is true my perception this day was slightly altered. Everything seemed more humurous to me then most. But what was most humurous was the dark, green eyed man. He assured us he would not kill us as he led us down very shady looking alley. But then proceeded to seriously inform us of the dangers of marjiuana. He was kind enough to redirect us towrds another mind altering substance - the wondersof lace. "You mean crack?" we asked wide eyed. "Yes my children, crack. Now I must be getting back to the shelter. You remember what I told you, now." And just like that he was gone. Dissapearing into the purple haze that covered the musty city. What happened the rest of the day involved lots of giggles, more shadiness, and dancing trees and road signs. Over and out.
Little does MC Tiarific know that, while she was spinning in the parking lot, I went back to green eyes, laced up with him, and stabbed him the stomach. Over and out, indeed.

Stay shady Philadelphia,
MCs tiarific and bisco

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