Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm from N-E-W jerzz, where plenty of murderz occurz

I miss Tupac Shakur. I miss the way he profanely called out bad boy records in "Hit 'Em Up," how he would endearingly transmorph his voice to talk about california love, and knowing that, even though biggy was probably slicker with the rhymes, cali's answer to pdiddy reeled in ho's like he was bass fishing on espn2.

His absence is profound across all spectra. He could have starred in the new Superman movie instead of Brandon Routh, or nailed angelina jolie instead of brad pitt. What kind of lady could resist the freestyling compton casanova? He was kind of like porn, in a way---you didn't have to love him, but you did anyway. You didn't have to listen to him obsessively until 4 in the morning and wake up with a shakur hangover, but you did anyway. you didn't have to throw away your best relationships to spend more time with him, but you did anyway.

you sick fuck.

stay addicted, compton

MC i take tupac in moderation

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