Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Return of MC Tiarific

amidst the ridicule that this blog endured in fresh meadows, there is one brave soul who dares to cross enemy lines and tell us her latest thoughts on life, queens, and european politics. she just got out of jail recently, and has a lot to say about the big house--if you'll only listen. so here is mc tiarific, here's everything you need to know about stabbing somebody with a spoon.

The first thing I've learned about prison survival, is that hiding a bong under your matress can help you get through the tough times. When I felt lonesome, I took out my big book of poetry and told myself how I felt. I found out that violence is always the answer, and it is ironic that I killed my cellmate with prison food and that is the reason I am in here.

Nothing can survive the torments of being in love. And I am. I declare it proudly and with strong assurance that I am in love with Ethyl Lowinger - My prison guard.

I killed my alter ego in a knife fight,

MC Tiarific

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