Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frustrations in Tangier

Old people complain about senility, and architects complain about wayward schematics that propose misaligned buildings. as for me, i grow frustrated like a chia pet that doesn't get love--i don't grow, i don't get bushy, and my infomercial is sadly ignored. If anyone ever waters me, it will be pity water, not the type of water that promotes growth or even steroid use in baseball. now i ask you--why is katz so inherently involved in the blog?? the answer, my friend, lies in the same reason that jambands will never get on the radio--because katz, just like the greates muthafuckin 'i cant believe his tone oh my god hes so amazing they went from tweezer into first tube and back and im not wearing any boxers and i need to follow them to wisconsin because i'm failing out of econ 101 anyway and it doesnt matter if i miss more classes' trey anastasio guitar solo, katz is an enigma. you never know where he'll be, and it's never so clear if his abundant collection of anime porn is for viewing or for teaching. now, the main issue that arises is one of trigonometry--if SohCahToa really holds true, why am I frustrated by an a lapse in my love life? concentric circles notwithstanding, there is nothing that has a center, and just like the falcon cannot hear the falconer, things falls apart, the center cannot hold, and even though katz will go surfing at the next oppurtunity, i stand confouned by the myriad ways in which people can throw trance parties in queens with more cock than a farm.
and why should you care? you're not in love with me. well, maybe you are. and if you are, my phone is out of battery, and there should be no wasting of the semen anyway. otherwise, cohabitating with queen christ wouldn't be a jewish problem, nor will fornicating on beaches with abdullah, the swimsuit model with just a little too much sass. this is all a matter of metaphysics, and i beg you to reconsider your vote on proposition prohibition--if you can't drink, neither can ron jeremy. and if he can't get his shit on, this economy will collapse. fuck you, fuck me, i can't believe my mother lets me curse like this all over the internet. in retrospect, milk was, indeed, a bad choice.

peace out babies,
MC party hammer milk sledge i hope winter comes soon but not really
ps: if you send it, i'll sign for it
pps: if shichva truly is zehra, tell them both i love them

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