Friday, February 23, 2007

I Can't Believe That...

Last night someone got a $75 ticket from a subway cop for wearing his blades on the train platform at 3 am.

The lethal combination of one gay guy, one karaoke party, and three mixed drinks means that said gay guy can feel up half the girls at the party.

I can write a 6 page essay in two hours, but President Bush can't read a 1 page, 15 minute speech with correct enunciation

The singer from Massive Attack put his british cell number in my phone, and I didn't even realize until I woke up the next morning. This is not a metaphor.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" hasn't been inducted to the rock n roll hall of fame based on all the strip club revenue it generates

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" actually has some redeeming musical value.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" is just a little more popular than it should be because of the whole 'one armed drummer' thing.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" is too long to put on a license plate.

Anchorman didn't win an Oscar.

Will Ferrell is of this earth.

We can't find a political position for Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen and Luke Wilson, Steve Carell, and Ben Stiller to fill collectively.

We found, nonetheless, a very important one for Bush to serve all by himself.

The US constitution doesn't specifically reference prostitution, marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco.

Rent prices in Tokyo and London are more expensive than prices in NYC.

America is yet to embrace trance, drum 'n bass, and breakbeats music.

Meanwhile, it took America hundreds of years to stop embracing slavery.

The weekends always have to culminate with the Jets losing.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" isn't mentioned among the best songs of the arena rock era.

Stay great, Def Leppard
MC make it a maple syrup

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