Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spiritual Ambien

There hasnt been a better time since the Civil War to capitalize on everyones need to feel attachment to something. Even more than the Vietnam era, todays global climate breeds fear, contempt, and an overall sense of purposelessness. Americas axis of evil is so far-reaching that it takes the most docile of nations to keep off the list. North Korea, Russia, China, every Arab country, and most of Central and Latin America are behaving in ways that are at odds with American ideals, or so says the government, and it begs the stark question: do they all hate us also?

If there was a huge asshole somewhere with enough guile to trick a large group of people, that person should strike right now. Nobody wants spirituality; I mean, fuck, is there anyone with enough time to commit to a relationship with the Transcendent?? but everyone wants spiritual ambien. Something to make those dark nights tolerable, to let one look at oneself in the mirror with a vestige of self-esteem and contentment. Scientology is the type of rubrick that someone else could follow: call it poker religion, with a high-rate buy-in and only a marginal chance of success. But poker is very popular, because it guarantees that something good might happen at any time. And this type of religion would guarantee, similarly, that something good might happen. Like, if you believe, and pay your dues, that the world might stop hating us.

Dont be depressed; there's nothing so bad about everyone hating you. Contrarians and iconoclasts are always despised, and if Americas role is to prosper and be hated, better that than to be impoverished and oppressed. And if the last few hoops we have to jump through need a little spiritual ambien to be navigated, then so be it. Ill market it, sell it, advertise for it, and get rich off of it while we slowly forget that we have any enemies. And by the time anyone realizes that all I gave them was the ability to see for themselves their own better halves, they wont be able to get me, since the security on the Dr. Phil set is too tight.

Stay sedated Los Caminos,

MC pharmie hardie

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