Saturday, February 24, 2007

Behold the Beauty of Audiophonics

With all the world's oppurtunities at my fingertips, and the full wondrous assortment begging exploration, headphones occupy the dais. That's right--headphones, and not the obtrusive over-ear kind, and certainly not (God have mercy) the intrusive, uncomfortable, and erratic earbuds. The headphones that the Rastafarian UPS man just carried over my threshold are white, on-ear, external volume control AKG 27i's. They are, moreover, my gateway to sonic bliss, and a suitable conversation piece for most sub-corporate affairs.
For anyone with a life, with hobbies, loved ones, or just a preternatural obsession with young children, headphones might not be declarative equipment. It is only because I'm lacking something, anything more exciting than padded earcups and extra cord length (note: that may or may not be a metaphor) that I'm lauding my outrageous fortune, announcing to anyone who will tolerate my volublility that my imprisonment in tawdry iPod experiences is over.
This development sends a strongly-worded memo to subway riders everywhere: there is hope for your music on the F train. Noise-cancelling headphones are tripe; in fact, noise cancellation technology--from the most discouraging shatter-prone earbuds to Bose QuietComforts--represents an inherent sounds degradation, and the music quality it yields suffers proportionately in measure with how powerfully it cancels noise. The only way to avoid the noise while maintaining a song's integrity is to utilize headphones whose size and shape naturally form a spatial barrier between what's outside you and your ears. Thus, I present to you the 27i.
On another, completely tangential note, school is boring, writing is not, and my house needs a thorough cleaning. I'm also thinking about bass lessons, but not as seriously as I'm contemplating the difference between good and evil (or, more correctly, morality and practicality). And it seems as though the world is not melting after all, since half of Queens College is sick and the other half is currently contracting whatever the first half has. School has always been a disease-cultivating petri dish, from the great chicken-pox outbreak in nursery, to the germinating shigella in elementary, to the incipient STD culture in high school, and culminating in the post-secondary cold-n-flu epidemic. This country needs a complete sanitation and hygiene overhaul, since, despite our western health ideals, we cannot help but give rise to generation upon generation of sick kids.

Stay healthy, San Diego
DJ Disease/MC Malady

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