Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stay Classy Shalom Rav

For anyone not following the war in israel closely (ny times, ny post, eyewitness news, etc), the most shocking piece of news may have been that the city of tsfat was hit by lebanon with multiple missiles, which killed 2 and injured dozens. Meanwhile, the rest of the city was evacuated, and my alma mater, yeshiva shalom rav, was moved to a dormitory in jeruslaem.

tsfat is not an extraordinary city. its residents don't matter more than people living in tel aviv, beirut, or illinois. its walls aren't any sturdier than anything you've seen on extreme makeover: home edition. it is not supernatural, it is not otherworldly, and it is not--definitely not--more important than anywhere else.

except that it is. all that egalitarian, politically correct bullshit aside, the people there DO matter more than people everywhere else. its walls ARE sturdier, or at least supposed to be, than anywhere else's, and it is every bit as otherworldly, mystical, and full of marijuana as any fictional universe. call me an asshole (you'd be the first, so see how feels do go out on a limb, dick), but you can't call me wrong, at least until you've been to tsfat, met its people, and somehow, someway, felt that it's no more surreal than Skokie.

so here's to a quick return for shalom rav, and to an even more abbreviated road to the end of this absolutely horrendous war, so that i can book a ticket to tsfat and know that my hash dealer will be there. that is humanitarianism, and that is justice.

one more pinner, please

mc fuck hezbollah

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