Friday, February 23, 2007

Trance Trance Trance Trance

Trance music is a vibrating, pulsating energy undulation. It takes its roots in disco music, which faded out of style and was replaced by low-fi techno in the 80's and 90's. The explosion that followed in Amsterdam, Israel, and India brought about what we know today as trance, a stylistic exploration of what happens when a rocket scientist DJ slingshots a ball of energy at your face.
But disco music was formulaic, as was techno, and trance is all of those genres, distilled into a finer sacrament, yet slighty more predictable. Its dynamics invariably coast along a sin wave: up, down, up, down, way down, way back up, eventually dumping into a silent valley that tends to the frayed nerves that followed the roller coaster.
Waiting for a trance explosion is like listening to a consonant train wreck. And when the two trains finally collapse upon one another, it's like mainlining a pillar of cocaine. it's like repartee with a bag of electricity, like trading barbs with a lawnmower. it washes over like a niagara wave of emotion, release, catharsis, thrill, and screams. It's like holding on to the side of a roller coaster, or hitching a rope to the back of race car and getting on skateboard behind it.
It's like...well...a perfect metaphor for cinema, its audacity endemic of being a person.

Stay riled, DJ Shadow

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