Wednesday, February 21, 2007

pot milkshakes, jamaican maroons, and other revelations

Powerpoint presentations have always been a point of interst for me, since the slideshow backgrounds never really match your topic; namely, while the typical powerpoint show is about finance, or literature, or business models, the typical powerpoint background is a globe, or laser lights, or a desert plain off the side of a highway. has anyone else noticed the same thing?
the reason this is on my mind is because i'm sitting in my history of african religion class looking at a powerpoint presentation about jamaican maroon culture (synopsis: jamaican sociopolitical culture imported from africa and supressed by colonial western mandates), and the powerpoint background is the aforementioned highway scene. the topic-background pairing is almost as unlikely as what transpired at the beginning of class, when the professor repeatedly said that , since wednesday will be the last of class, we can feel free to bring pot brownies to class (so long, he made certain to decree, that whomever brings them also makes some un-psychedelic desserts for those who don't want the thc). Following his announcement, I pointed out that you can cook pot into a trillion foods, and not just the hackneyed gonja brownies: stew, pasta, stir-fry, chicken cutlets, milkshakes--anything with lipids, oil, or fat.
to which my professor responded, "Milkshakes?! That's crazy."
to which I responded, "Hell yeah."
to which he responded "OK, jonathan bring some in, then."
to which I didn't respond, "my name is joseph. but that's ok, i'll dose the crap out of you with my milkshakes on wednesday."

oh, miss corningstone, i wasn't expecting company,
MC good pair of slacks

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