Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back to Business as Usual, penis, etc

5,000 years ago, in a cave somewhere in what now is Saudi Arabia, a dark-skinned, bearded barbarian got blue balls. Temporarily blinded by his agitatation, he went ahead and signed off on a rock attack against a neighboring village. and that is how the conflict in the middle east started.

but don't blame him. blame EIPJ's. Errors In Penile Judgment occur all the time and everywhere. In fact, it is the theory of this statistician that every decision in this world is dictated by the penile feelings of whomsoever is making said decision--or, in the case of a female, her decision is dictated by the Penile Source mostly closely allied with her romantic life.

Thus, EIPJ is the redefinition of the word "mistake." Every "mistake"--warfare, disease, terrorism, hate, misplacement of important documents, car accidents, etc--is the direct byproduct of a compromised penile state. in our stupor and utter inability to operate beyond our genitalia, we make mistakes, or EIPJ's. Judgment is revised to mean penile judgment, and errors in judgment are really errors in penile judgement.

When something is wrong with the world, blame and EIPJ.The situation in Iraq? Bush made an EIPJ: one day, he woke up super-horny because Laura was playing some texas with-holdem. compromised and impressionable, he convinced himself that iraq had WMD. and the rest, as they say, is EIPJ history.

stay strong EIPJ,

MC VERVE (variations elicited by rowdy vaginal entreaties)

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