Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Badass Alert: I had Dunkin Donuts Coffee in Starbucks

Just tonight, I was strolling on second avenue with a friend, and decided to stop in dunkin donuts for a coffee and a bathroom break. when the guy behind the counter begrudgingly informed me that my second desire could be fulfilled only at starbucks, i decided to become a man. I brought my dunkin donuts coffee, in its dunkin donuts styrofome cup, right into starbucks, and I didn't give a shit.
I drank it in the open, used Starbucks' bathroom, then sauntered out, deviant coffee in hand, to the cool night, feeling very adequate. Rules probably don't apply to me anymore. I could probably eat a donor liver RIGHT IN FRONT of the organ donor board of trustees, then WASH IT DOWN WITH A DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE, and they wouldnt do anything to me. Why? Because I don't listen to the cops.

goodnight world,
mc pain, bringeth the funk, bringeth the karma, rouse rabble in all ye fair homes, dareth not to sip enemy latte if have ye not balls

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