Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Collaborative Blog Experience

After 3 shots of Jack Daniels and more bong hits than Bob Marley ever took, it sometimes is nice to reflect on one's thoughts and aspirations. One day, I hope to not blog for free on myspace, where no one reads this shit anyway. However, it has also occured to me that, one day, when my perverted grandkids are sitting on my lap, I will be able to tell them that I recorded my almost innermost thoughts on an online community full of music, friendship, and perversion similar to theirs.
This blog is special because this is a two-Jew effort. One part Tia, one part me, but wholly Semetic.
Special it is, for it is my first blog ever. But my hopes include acheiving complete harmony of body and soul to the point where I am in control of all my states. For instance, if one wishes to transform one's self into rain to provide nourishment to the thirsty and neglected winter grass, one should have every right to do so. These thoughts qualify as preverted and almost inner most so I feel that they belong.
And that's all Tia has to offer on this night. But I think a lesson has been learned: sometimes, when a Jewish female wishes to become precipitation, it is only natural to assume that her shirt is tye-dyed, and that, seeing as the President of this great nation has never been female or tye-dyed, that her shirt is both revolutionary and satisfying.
That is all for this commemorative edition of our lives, our lives together, and our lives apart. But really, what is the synthesis of being if not the ephemeral bringing together of some source code, unknown to human kind, but revealed on myspace?

Stay classy san dimuthufuckaego,
DJ Blogger + MC Tiariffic

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