Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Number 3, and I Feel Like Number 2

There comes a time in every man's life when he realizes that he has no hobbies, no interests, and even less to keep him tied to any sense of structured reality. That time is now for this blogger, this caucasian who fancies himself a dj, and mc, or any type of live music propietor. I have 3 blogs posted today, and I will probably post more later. The reason?
That is up to any of us to speculate. I will tell Marco Benevento, with whom I have no business talking, that I have a photographer who wants to come along. The reason? Personal fantasy. I will tell David Gilmour that I have an interview with him, when in fact that is a blatant lie. Why? Personal fantasy. So the reason for all of these things, you see, is personal fantasy. Some inflated notion of grandiosity is what drives this engine to perform.
So, the reason I have 3 blogs today? Personal fantasy, of course, of being good, of providing something of qualitative value to the community.

Stay classy san diego,
DJ Blogger
ps-this is the last time ill use this retarded dj name. from now on, ill be capn crunch. with berries.

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