Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laziness wil Make Me Rich

I woke up this morning--or, more accurately, this afternoon--a little after 12, feeling refreshed from a few hours of interrupted sleep. Being in no rush to make it to work, I decided to walk my way there, and enjoy an outdoor lunch with my ipod. After fielding a phone call from a friend in Israel, and leisurely explaining to him the difference between French and American coffee, I arrived, a bit after 1:30, at my Madison Avenue office building.

And here's why today was the best day of my life: before I could get off the phone and into the lobby, 2 partners from my firm exited the building and inexplicably demanded to take me out for some kosher-indian-vegetarian-what the fuck but its fine because they're partners. Then, after entering my office and checking a few emails, another partner had me sit and eat chocolates in his office while he pitched me his rugby team (upshot: I'll be playing in 2 weeks, and boozing profusely much sooner). We even practiced some rudimentary rugby moves, including the "scrum headlock," and he showed me some pictures of players with bloody faces.

And, as if today couldn't get any better, I found out this morning that I might be heading to Miami for a Caribbean cruise for my spring break. For all the ladies who may join me on the cruise, beware: I am young, single, rugbyed, and I pocketed some of my boss's chocolate.

Stay classy san diego,

DJ Blogger

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